Freedom By Fire

Hunted across the TriadVerse.
His Kingdom ripped away.
And his entire life was a lie?

All Blayne craved in life was the freedom to be himself. But when an ally betrays his family, invades his world, and takes away everything he ever had, he learns freedom demands a high price.

In hiding and on the run with his best friend Gunn, they search the three Solar Systems for help to reclaim their planet.

But when Blayne learns his past is filled with secrets and mysteries, will the truth grant him the freedom he has always wanted? A truth that may lead him to a remarkable destiny against an ancient enemy. An enemy humanity abandoned Earth hundreds of years ago to escape.

This action-packed series explores a gritty diverse universe of Kings, Pirates, Knights and the mysteries that surround them. Buckle up and enjoy the start to this new fast-paced space opera thrill ride. Pick up your copy today and join the adventure.


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