The Sea Rover Saga Books 1-3

Smugglers. Thieves. Pirates. The Sea Rover’s crew embodies these defining qualities. Immerse yourself in a Science Fiction Adventure box set written by author C.P. MacDonald.

Witness Captain Calin Aku’s evolution from the most wanted outlaw on the Moon to an unexpected if reluctant hero. Job by job, paycheck by paycheck, he keeps flying. However, with a new client comes a cascade of adventure, forging unusual alliances and unraveling amazing mysteries. These revelations don’t just alter the lives of Calin and his crew but also reshape humanity’s future. Join Calin Aku and his crew as they become entangled in adventures spanning the Solar System and maybe beyond.

Included Books:
Smuggler’s Moon
Corsair of Mars
Rogue Flight

Get The Sea Rover Saga boxed set today and enjoy the transformation of outlaws into heroes. This series promises a gripping journey where every page propels you into an evolving narrative of courage, discovery, and the blurred lines between villainy and valor.


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