The Sea Rover Saga Books 1-3

A Space Opera Adventure Series

Smugglers. Thieves. Pirates. Those are the qualities that make the crew of The Sea Rover special.
A Dystopian Cyberpunk Science Fiction box set adventure from author C.P. MacDonald.

Discover how Captain Calin Aku goes from the most wanted outlaw on the Moon to a hero. He does a job; he gets paid; he keeps flying.

But with a new client comes adventure, unusual alliances, and amazing discoveries. But it will also change his and his crew’s life, but humanity’s future as well. Together, Calin Aku and his crew find themselves sucked into adventures spanning the Solar System, and possibly beyond.

Books Included:
Smuggler’s Moon
Corsair of Mars
Rogue Flight

Get The Sea Rover Saga boxed set today and see how the outlaws become the heroes.


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