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The Sea Rover Saga Books 1-3

A Space Opera Adventure Series

Smugglers. Thieves. Pirates. Those are the qualities that make the crew of The Sea Rover special.
A Dystopian Cyberpunk Science Fiction box set adventure from author C.P. MacDonald.

Discover how Captain Calin Aku goes from the most wanted outlaw on the Moon to a hero. He does a job; he gets paid; he keeps flying.

But with a new client comes adventure, unusual alliances, and amazing discoveries. But it will also change his and his crew’s life, but humanity’s future as well. Together, Calin Aku and his crew find themselves sucked into adventures spanning the Solar System, and possibly beyond.

Books Included:
Smuggler’s Moon
Corsair of Mars
Rogue Flight

Get The Sea Rover Saga boxed set today and see how the outlaws become the heroes.


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Freedom By Fire

Hunted across the TriadVerse.
His Kingdom ripped away.
And his entire life was a lie?

All Blayne craved in life was the freedom to be himself. But when an ally betrays his family, invades his world, and takes away everything he ever had, he learns freedom demands a high price.

In hiding and on the run with his best friend Gunn, they search the three Solar Systems for help to reclaim their planet.

But when Blayne learns his past is filled with secrets and mysteries, will the truth grant him the freedom he has always wanted? A truth that may lead him to a remarkable destiny against an ancient enemy. An enemy humanity abandoned Earth hundreds of years ago to escape.

This action-packed series explores a gritty diverse universe of Kings, Pirates, Knights and the mysteries that surround them. Buckle up and enjoy the start to this new fast-paced space opera thrill ride. Pick up your copy today and join the adventure.


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A water-covered world can hide many secrets, from crooked and murderous nobles to mysterious, powerful organizations.

The Nereus Underwater Championship Races, they were Adam Rossu’s ticket off this water world, to fame and prestige racing for the King. Then he discovered life in the TriadVerse is never that simple. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit by a powerful Noble, and hunted by Knights, he goes on the run and gets thrown into a secret underground of pirates, smugglers, and refugees.

Then he meets Stephana, an intriguing woman of many talents, searching for missing members of her clan. He joins her on an underwater adventure to save her people from slavery. And together they discover a shocking secret submerged beneath the waves.

Submerged is a stand-alone story in The TriadVerse Chronicles, a gritty universe of Kings, Knights, Pirates, and mysteries. Buckle up and enjoy this new fast-paced science fiction adventure thrill ride. Pick up your copy today and begin your exploration of the TriadVerse.


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Rogue Enforcer

It should have been a simple assassination, but when you mix covert government agencies and secret spilling crime bosses, things get complicated fast.

Tia Cooper is hunting for a low-life crime boss aboard one of the most extravagant space liners in the galaxy. She’s one of the best Enforcers in the agency, living in the lap of luxury as she tracks her target. But something doesn’t feel right. Is it her? Or the assignment?

Buckle up and enjoy this fast-paced science fiction adventure short story.


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Smuggler’s Moon

Calin Aku is an outlaw, a smuggler with a cybernetic arm and an aged spaceship.

And he is humanity’s only hope to stop a Lunar disaster…

When Calin takes on an intriguing and beautiful new client, he begins an adventure that will require him and his crew to become more than criminals. But a surprise alliance with a mysterious government agent reveals an ancient secret. An advanced civilization hidden throughout history. And they need his help.

It’s a race against time, with only his gun, his ship, and his wits to prevent the complete destruction of the Moon and everyone on it…

Smuggler’s Moon is the first novel in The Sea Rover Saga, a series of action-packed exploits spanning the Solar System. If you’re a fan of epic space opera science fiction with witty characters, surprising revelations, and age-old secrets, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.


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Corsair of Mars

A genocidal psychopath resurrects an ancient, powerful space fleet to conquer the Solar System. And the crew of the Sea Rover are humanity’s last hope… they just don’t know it yet.

Captain Calin Aku and his ship smuggle moonshine, people, and cargo among the new Martian colonies. They do a job; they get paid. But somehow they get caught between the warring factions of a secret society hidden from humanity for a thousand years. Can Calin and his crew become more than smugglers and outlaws? Can they become heroes?

Corsair of Mars is the second book in the action-packed space opera series spanning the Solar System, and beyond. If you love fun sci-fi young adult adventures with gun slinging heroes, space battles, and action packed discoveries, then launch into this series for a thrilling ride!


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Rogue Flight

Calin Aku is the Captain of the Sea Rover, the most notorious smuggling spaceship in the Solar System. But is it enough for him and his crew? Are they destined for something greater?

A defeated enemy rises again, a crazed scientist focused on revenge. Working side by side with the very government who once hunted them, the crew of the Sea Rover race to prevent the destruction of Earth from an ancient civilization.

Rogue Flight is the third book in The Sea Rover Saga, a dystopian sci-fi adventure of ancient secrets, Solar System-wide action, and a smuggler turned reluctant hero. If you like face-paced adventure, advanced but ancient civilizations, and rogue heroes, then you’ll love this science fiction series from C.P. MacDonald.


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Journey across the Solar System


C.P. MacDonald is a Science Fiction author, Graphic Designer, and Artist. A good day for Chris is a day full of creativity, whether it is creating visual images or images with words. 

He lives in Tennessee with his wife and their twins.

C.P. MacDonald