Corsair of Mars

A genocidal psychopath resurrects an ancient, powerful space fleet to dominate the Solar System. And the crew of the Sea Rover are humanity’s last hope… they just don’t know it yet.

Captain Calin Aku and his crew specialize in smuggling across the new Martian colonies. It was a simple job with a paycheck, until they find themselves caught in the clandestine war of a secret advanced civilization hidden for a millennium. Can Calin and his crew transcend their roles as mere smugglers and outlaws to become true heroes?

Corsair of Mars is the riveting second installment in a Solar System-spanning space opera series. Dive into this action-packed journey, where our heroes, armed with guns and courage, navigate space battles and unveil thrilling discoveries.

If you crave exhilarating sci-fi adventures, this series promises an unmissable ride!


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