Freedom By Fire

Hunted across the TriadVerse, Blayne’s Kingdom had been torn away and his entire life revealed as a lie. All he ever craved was freedom, but when an ally turns traitor, invading his world and stripping away everything, Blayne discovers that freedom demands a steep price.

On the run with his best friend, they traverse the three Solar Systems in search of allies to reclaim their planet. Yet, as Blayne unravels secrets and mysteries from his past, will the truth grant him the freedom he yearns for? A truth that might propel him towards an extraordinary destiny against an ancient enemy—humanity’s abandoned foe from Earth’s distant past.

In this riveting series, delve into a gritty, diverse universe of Kings, Pirates, Knights, and enigmatic mysteries. Brace yourself for the start of a new, high-speed space opera thrill ride.

Grab your copy today and plunge into an adventure where every revelation leads to a daring and action-packed journey.


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