Rogue Flight

Calin Aku commands the Sea Rover, the Solar System’s most infamous smuggling vessel. Yet, a question lingers — does destiny have grander plans for him and his crew?

A vanquished foe returns, driven by vengeful madness. Collaborating with the very government that once hunted them, the Sea Rover’s crew hurtles towards a mission to avert Earth’s annihilation by an ancient mysterious civilization.

Rogue Flight marks the climactic third chapter in The Sea Rover Saga — a dystopian sci-fi adventure of ancient mysteries, Solar System-spanning action, and a smuggler reluctantly turned hero. Immerse yourself in this face-paced adventure, where ancient yet advanced civilizations collide, and rogue heroes take center stage.

If you crave a science fiction series blending fast-paced escapades with rogue heroes, don’t miss C.P. MacDonald’s captivating third book in The Sea Rover Saga series.


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