In a world covered in water, secrets abound—from corrupt rich nobles to secret organizations with deadly motives.

The Nereus Underwater Championship Races promised Adam Rossu fame and a ticket off this aquatic world. Yet, in the complex TriadVerse, life is never that straightforward. Framed for a crime by a powerful Noble and hunted by Knights, Adam dives into an underworld of pirates, smugglers, and refugees.

Enter Stephana, a captivating woman with diverse talents on a quest to find her missing clan members. Together, they embark on an underwater adventure to rescue her people from enslavement, unveiling a startling secret hidden beneath the waves.

Submerged stands as a standalone tale in The TriadVerse Chronicles — an edgy realm of Kings, Knights, Pirates, and mysteries.

Brace yourself for a fast-paced science fiction adventure, where each page propels you through a thrilling exploration of the TriadVerse. Grab your copy today and dive into the unknown.


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