A water-covered world can hide many secrets, from crooked and murderous nobles to mysterious, powerful organizations.

The Nereus Underwater Championship Races, they were Adam Rossu’s ticket off this water world, to fame and prestige racing for the King. Then he discovered life in the TriadVerse is never that simple. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit by a powerful Noble, and hunted by Knights, he goes on the run and gets thrown into a secret underground of pirates, smugglers, and refugees.

Then he meets Stephana, an intriguing woman of many talents, searching for missing members of her clan. He joins her on an underwater adventure to save her people from slavery. And together they discover a shocking secret submerged beneath the waves.

Submerged is a stand-alone story in The TriadVerse Chronicles, a gritty universe of Kings, Knights, Pirates, and mysteries. Buckle up and enjoy this new fast-paced science fiction adventure thrill ride. Pick up your copy today and begin your exploration of the TriadVerse.


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