Sea Rover Flight by C.P MacDonald | FREE Full Audiobook

Science Fiction Full Length Free Audiobook | Sea Rover Flight by C.P. MacDonald

Narrated by C.P. MacDonald

Prequel to The Sea Rover Saga

A smuggler’s worst nightmare. Cornered! Enjoy this awesome scramble to escape.

Smuggling has its hazards. The crew of the Sea Rover finds itself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A place with no atmosphere. Literally. Now they have to run for their lives. Is pilot Calin Aku up to the task?

In this prequel to The Sea Rover Saga series, C.P. MacDonald takes us from a sleazy lunar bar on a frantic dash for survival. In this Take-No-Prisoner drama, there is no time for pleasantries. The Planetary Patrol Division is hot on our tails and closes in for the kill.

“I’ve always loved action-packed car chase scenes like Bullet and Gone in Sixty Seconds. I feel like this escape does an excellent job of taking the chase to the vacuum of space. On the moon, no less. Hang on to your seats people. And, have a barf bag ready. This ride could get bumpy.” – Review by Thom Gordon

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